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The Bail Bond Process:

  1. The bail process in NC may seem overwhelming but is actually very simple. The process begins with a call to our agency. We will ask general questions to get to know you and your love one; once that is complete we will verify the defendant’s charges, bond amount, and location.

2. There are a few factors that will dictate a rate they can range from current charges, prior charges, FTAS, and the city of residence for a defendant can also play a role. For example the defendant is from out of state but incarcerated in a triad facility. Don’t let this scare you; our bondsmen are top notch professionals who love what they do.

3. We can find a solution for almost all cases! Once a rate and conditions are agreed upon we will schedule a time to meet you at the jail to get your love one released. This can be 30 minutes from the initial call or at your earliest convenience!  Depending on the detention centers location it will play a role in how long before the defendant is released could be 30 minutes maybe 2 hours, different jails have different policies no two counties are the same.

4. While we are waiting on your love one to be released we will go ahead with the cosigner paper work, once released we have the defendant answer a few questions and that’s it, you’re on your way home!

5. Once released from custody we have many weekly check-in options to keep it simple and easy so you can enjoy your freedom while you await your court date. Keep in mind it’s much easier to fight your case from the outside rather than detained! We are here for you every step of the way from start to finish we will not leave until your love one is released so you have someone to answer your question in a time of uncertainty. Any time after you or your love one is bonded out our phones are always if you have any questions related to your case if we don’t know the answer we will make the necessary calls to make sure we get you the answers you are looking for!

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What is bail? 

Answer: Bail is a specific amount of secured money needed to get a person out of custody after  arrest. The 8th amendment of the U.S constitution grants you this right. It declares that all citizens have the right to bail so they may return to their family and employment while waiting for their court case to be heard.

How long does the bail bonding process take?

Answer: There are several steps in the bail bonds process. The first step is filling out the bail bonds application. This normally does not take more than 30 minutes to one hour. A property being used as collateral for a  bail bond may take longer due to the fact that the property must be verified and proper documentation acquired. Once the bail bond application is completed and the bail bond has been sufficiently secured with collateral, the bail bond agent will  obtain the release of your loved one. From there the bail agent will go to the jail or court in that specific county and post the defendant's bail. There are several factors that will influence how long the release process takes. If the facility is small and fully staffed, the process can take as little as 30 minutes. If it is a holiday weekend and the facility is short-staffed or overwhelmed with new cases, it an take as long as 16 hours for a defendant to be released. 

Do you know an attorney?

Answer: Many attorneys will refer their clients to specific bail bonds service, bail bondsmen are not  to offer legal advice or suggest one attorney over another. However, there may be situations where your bail agent needs to contact your attorney and advise them of changes in your case. Maintaining constant contact with your attorney and bail bonds agent is extremely important. Keeping in contact with your bail agent shows your sincere about handling your case.

What happens if defendant misses court? 

Answer: Mistakes and accidents happen. If you miss your court date or are detained during your court date, immediately call us and explain the situation. As long as it does not become a habit, most courts will recall your court date. Some counties right now are only doing recall by attorney so call us and we can let you now if your county is one of them. If you avoid attending court, several things will take place. If you miss going to court and do not call the court county immediately, you will be considered a fugitive and a warrant will be issued for your arrest. This means that a bail agent and law enforcement officers will be looking for you. Once detained, you will be returned to jail and your bail  will be revoked. If you avoid capture, your bail bond will be forfeited and the the person who helped you in your time of need will become responsible for the entire amount that has been left unpaid of the bond not the premium. 




At Stars & Stripes, our top priority is to be the median between arrest and trial while treating you and your loved one with the upmost respect.



The mission of Stars and Stripes is simple; we understand that while this may seem like an overwhelming time, we want you to know that you have someone in your corner helping you fight for your freedom. Every American has the right to bail and is innocent until proven guilty. It is our mission to provide you with the easiest experience possible from the first phone call till the last court date.

Here at Stars & Stripes, we are the triad’s source for bail bonds. Whether you’re detained in Winston Salem, Greensboro, or Lexington we have you or your love one covered! No matter what time day or night you can expect 5 star service from us.  We understand what a rough and confusing time it can be, no worries we are here to make the process a little easier.  We work for the people, not the jail or county, making you our 1ST priority! Times are tough so we strive to have the best rates with affordable options for our clients; we want our clients to succeed once released not have to struggle or worry about their bond. Life can get busy; we have multiple check-in options as well to offer our clients the easiest experience possible! Didn’t bond with us but have a question regarding a bond or a bond with a different company? Call us we don’t mind helping where we can, we love what we do!


We would like to welcome Kevin Gilbert of K-Train Motorsports out of Mocksville, NC to the Stars & Stripes family as our 1ST  Official sponsored Race Team. The team will be racing at Ace Speedway and Bowman Gray Stadium AKA The Madhouse this season. Mr. Gilbert has shown a go getter, no games, win at all cost attitude; so it was no brainer to bring him to the Stars & Stripes Organization.

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